Monique Hopewell is a girl finding her path towards womanhood. At nineteen, Monique is at the beginning of her life. She meets Deshawn, AKA Dae-Dae, a man who seduces her with flash and charm. Through Dae-Dae, Monique begins to forget about her past with Chink, a man who has never been able to treat her right. Into the mix is Papi, a weed dealer who seems to be drawn to Monique and forces her to think about life in the long-term versus the short-term. As time goes on, Monique starts to see Dae-Dae’s charm and flash comes at a huge price. Questions begin to appear in Monique’s mind once she begins to see that everything that she thought was true was nothing but lies. Will Monique be able to escape unscathed or will she become trapped by it all?


My name is Sienna Rose and... I am an addict. My drug of choice, no let me rephrase, the drug that chose me, is heroin. I did not intend for this to happen but I have used since I was twelve, almost right after I lost someone I truly loved, my best friend. Now I am thirteen and I'm searching for solace. I feel like I am slowly turning into my mother, Sabrina, who was also a drug addict. I was told by Ms. Jennings, my therapist, that if I write, I could gain some closure for and the ability to deal with my pain in better ways. It sounds great coming from someone that is not me but honestly, I hope it all ends.


Three years had passed since the passing of Sienna Rose and Thais was dealing with the ramifications. Teddy, Thais’ father, was incarcerated at the Maryland House of Corrections, a maximum security prison better known as Jessup Cut, for his crimes. Chrissy, Thais’ mother, was a narcissistic alcoholic, hell-bent on her self-inflicted destruction. The relationship between Thais and Amaris, her sister, was, for lack of a better word, strained. With everything working against her, Thais sought peace at the one place she never thought she could receive it: church.


Through Nicole, her favorite cousin, Thais entered the doors of the Temple of Divine Intervention, and became acquainted with Pastor Maxwell Jeremiah Hall, a charismatic pastor who was very well known in Baltimore. As time went on and Thais grew closer to Maxwell through fellowship, she began to believe that solace was not unattainable. However, what goes up, must surely fall and this question surfaced: can the church bring Thais salvation or will Maxwell lead her soul to eternal damnation?

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